Legacy of Kain: Defiance – Dark Chronicle – Bulgarian Fandub – Prologue

What this post is about:

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be sharing a series of fandub videos from one of Square Enix and CrystalDynamics’ most iconic titles. Тhese dubs would not have been possible without the enthusiasm and talent of colleague voice-over talent and undercover mixer Aydin Adrian Ismailov.

Why we chose this series:

The Legacy of Kain and Soul Reaver game series captured our imagination with their fantastic storylines since we first laid our hands on the CDs all those years ago. The vivid characters, brought to life by the magnificent performances of the original v.o. cast have, to a large extent, inspired us to step up behind the mic.

What we aim to achieve:

We wanted to make the story available to Bulgarian fans of epic tales of valour and sacrifice, while having a fun time revisiting some of our favourite characters in gaming history. By the end of the project we hope to get at least a handful of you rooting for Kain, Raziel, and Co..


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