How to pronounce Frederiksborg (Castle)

This series is a collection of words I’ve stumbled upon throughout the course of my day-to-day work as a voice-over talent. From less-known proper nouns to tricky foreign words, these are entries that I’ve found only either had a robotic voice as a pronunciation reference or were time-consuming to dig up. If the above audio clip ends up saving a fellow narrator a few minutes of scouring the internet, all the better!

The YouTube Game – Quality vs Quantity

Have you ever entertained the idea of becoming a YouTube creator but have no clue where to begin? There are so many things to consider that the thought of starting can become overwhelming. Along with the usual questions – what will I post about? Do I need fancy equipment? What will my friends and family think? – there’s one question that leaves many divided; how many times a week should I post? 

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Consistent voice-over branding and why it sells

Do you ever hear the sound of a can opening and immediately think of the world’s favourite soft drink? If you’ve seen an advertisement and right away knew what company or product it was for, that is the result of consistent branding. The reason why today’s biggest brands use the same logo, imagery, colours and jingles for years on end is because they know their customers will immediately recognize it. 

In the voice-over industry, an industry that is primarily built upon the way things sound, branding allows you to “put a face to a name”. While branding is generally thought of as a visual identity, it also encompasses a brand’s message and personality. 

So why is brand consistency so important?

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Епилог – Заветът на Кейн: Неподчинение

Кейн: Най-сетне маските паднаха. Конците на куклите вече се виждаха, а ръката на главния кукловод бе разобличена. Най-иронично от всичко бе последния дар, поверен ми от Разиел. По-мощен от меча, който сега помещаваше душата му, по-силен дори от посоката, в която ме тласна неговата саможертва – първата горчива нотка на онази ужасна илюзия – надеждата.

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Кейн сразява Древното божество – Заветът на Кейн: Неподчинение

Древното божество: Не можеш да ме унищожиш, Кейн! Аз съм цикъла на живота! Колелото ще се завърти! Чумата на твоя вид ще бъде пречистена от този свят и някой неминуем ден, твоята нещастна, застояла душа най-сетне ще бъде моя!

Кейн: Дотогава се скрий надълбоко! }:)

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Отмъщение и саможертва – Заветът на Кейн: Неподчинение

Попадате на поредицата за първи път? Не сте сигурни за какво точно става дума? Започнете от Пролога!


Историята на Разиел приключва тук, 👇👇👇 а с нея и участието ми в този кратък, но изключително удовлетворителен проект.

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