Stephen Palmer’s JungleVille – Supporting the African Wildlife Foundation one parody at a time

In 2017 I was onboarded to voice a character for a short animated parody. Fast forward to January 2018 and “The Water Hole” popped up on YouTube.


I had an absolute blast while recording my contribution to this piece. Having to work with just the script and a few sketchy character models, it was amazing to see what the people over at SP Productions and the rest of the cast had done with the final product. Read More

The Raggedy Beggar

Today’s story comes from a different time. A time that may yet come again. One of simplicity and calm. A piece of fiction (or is it?) holding my reality together. An anchor, if you will…

Thanks for listening! Read More

My Reflection and I

Almost 9 years ago I found myself traveling cross-country by train, going back home for the summer holiday. The cars were all packed, so I had to make do with whatever little space remained in the hallway. The weather outside was superb, although a storm was gathering in the distance. Read More

Imitations – V

There are several aspects to voice-over work which I enjoy from the bottom of my heart. Think of it as a list of constant reminders as to why I love doing what I do. On that list, the opportunity to learn from other members of the acting and voice over communities worldwide certainly ranks among the top spots. Read More