Voice Over, Fortune’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies, And Why Your Business Should Care

Even if you haven’t considered voice over as a means of getting your message across up to this point, here is one reason why you most definitely should:

No less than 88 out of Fortune’s top 100 fastest growing companies for 2019 actively leverage the power of professional voice over talent to effectively inform their employees and engage with their customers. Read More

Two Heroes Collide – Legacy of Kain: Defiance Fan Session

This video was put together by my good friend Aydin, whom you see here as voicing Kain. It draws inspiration from the work of voice actors Simon Templeman and Michael Bell, as well as from the narrative of the Blood Omen and Soul Reaver game series.

Recruiters Give Back – Helping The World Get Back to Work

In this post, you’re going to read about something which I hope could be of use to anyone looking to improve their odds of finding a job. Whether it’s in the context of today’s uncertain economic times, or at any point in the not so distant future. It was introduced to me by a lovely woman by the name of Caroline Langston during my weekly LinkedIn upkeep, and it was a most pleasant surprise.

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Rings of Akhaten speech practice

Last week I got the chance to revisit one of my all-time favourite monologues.

Here are some of the lessons I learned from going on camera for that practice session: Read More

[Complete] PRINCIPLES OF GEOLOGY by Charles Lyell

Today’s voice log entry is a follow-up on the Principles of geology post (Parts 1, 2, and 3) from back in 2018.

Principles of Geology: being an attempt to explain the former changes of the Earth’s surface, by reference to causes now in operation is a book by the Scottish geologist Charles Lyell, first published in 3 volumes in 1830–1833.

Lyell used geology throughout as a basis to strengthen his argument for Uniformitarianism. He used geological proof to determine that the Earth was older than 6,000 years, as had been previously contested. The book shows that the processes that are occurring in the present are the same processes that occurred in the past.

The project was open for recording on Feb 23 2018. Coordinated by Ann Boulais and with the contributions of over two dozen readers, this 46-hour behemoth of an audiobook was successfully added to the LibriVox catalog on Sep 9 2019. The CD case insert’s beautiful cover art (seen here as a featured image) was designed by Yeanne Yau.

Download or listen to Principles of geology here.

Personally, being a part of this colossal endeavor was a humbling experience. My gratitude and admiration goes to everyone involved in seeing this through to the end. Looking forward to voicing more content alongside LibriVox’s amazing community in 2020.





Аудио откъс (БГ) от “Вилицата, Вещицата и Драконът” от Кристофър Паолини

Скитник и прокълнато дете.
Магии и заклинания.
И разбира се, дракони.

Изминала е година, откакто Ерагон напуска познатите му земи в търсене на идеалното място, на което да обучи ново поколение Драконови ездачи. Очаква го много работа: да построи огромно здание, в което да приюти драконите и своите приятели, да осигури прехраната им, да пази драконовите яйца. Да приобщи войнствените ургали и горделивите елфи. В този тежък момент от злободневните задачи го откъсва видение от Елдунари. Неочаквани гости му помагат да вземе важно решение, а една стара улгарска легенда му дава нова насока.

Тази книга съдържа три разказа, сред които и откъс от мемоарите на незабравимата вещица и гадателка Анджела… написани от сестрата на Кристофър – Анджела Паолини, вдъхновила образа на билкарката!

Добре дошли отново в света на Алагезия!