Добър копирайтинг #1: EVN

“Търсим още хора, които носят светлина и топлина.”

EVN Топлофикация

Поредицата “Добър копирайтинг” има за цел да изтъкне находчиви рекламни кампании поднесени в тон с идентичността на съответния бранд.

Не всичко е априлска диария, в която името на дадена верига магазини се повтаря 128!*§7@-53!*%4 пъти в рамките на 40-секунден клип.

Progressive beliefs – A gay imam’s battle against intolerance

Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed is an exception in the Muslim world: The French-Algerian imam is openly gay. For the past ten year he has led a progressive and inclusive movement promoting an Islam that respects the LGBT+ community, women’s right, and interfaith dialogue.


See the full reportage by Olivier Ponthus exclusively on Arte.tv here:

Certificate – Voice Acting 101 by Closing Credits

You can’t go wrong with this one.

Whether you’re starting out, looking to dip your feet in the proverbial V.O. pond, brush up on the basics of articulation and projection, or just in search of peers to schmooze with, Closing Credits is the place to be.

Buford Taylor and the team over at Casting Call Club have done a great job offering value to the voice-over community. Wishing I’d signed up for their 6 and 12-week courses sooner is an understatement!

You can learn more about CC and what they can offer you at: https://www.closingcredits.com/

Air quality in Serbia among the worst in Europe

Serbia, a country of 7 million people wants to join the European Union. But its path to accession is built on an economic model that gives short shrift to environmental protection. Belgrade regularly tops the list of the worst air in Europe due to polluting coal power plants.

See the full reportage by Vladimir Vasak exclusively on ARTE.TV here.

Conquering The West Bank – A Documentary by Stéphane Amar and ARTE

Israel continues to expand its road network into the occupied West Bank. New settlements sprout around Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in response to demographic shifts. Is there space for a Palestinian state?

See the full reportage by Stéphane Amar exclusively on ARTE.TV here.