Portfolio: Sexual Abuse In The Church

A documentary by Stefan Maier for ARTE.TV.

It’s always a humbling experience dubbing a fully produced piece of media. The original team – camera crew, journalists, writers, and editors are the real MVPs. As are the localisation companies handling the adaptation of a documentary for the target audience.

As a voice actor, one of my first and last concerns before I hit the “Record” button, or send in a finished file, respectively, is how much and how well I’ve done the source material justice.

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Portfolio: Progressive beliefs – A gay imam’s battle against intolerance

Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed is an exception in the Muslim world: The French-Algerian imam is openly gay. For the past ten year he has led a progressive and inclusive movement promoting an Islam that respects the LGBT+ community, women’s right, and interfaith dialogue.


See the full reportage by Olivier Ponthus:

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