Voice-Over, Fortune’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies, And Why Your Business Should Care

Small and medium-sized businesses are in a better position to utilise the attention-grabbing, retention-guaranteeing potential of voice over more so than at any other point in history. With competitive prices on recording equipment and the advent of home studios more and more talent are taking the proactive route, setting themselves up for success, and ensuring availability even among unprecedented economic and social disruptions. Online platforms such as, UpWork, Voquent, and LinkedIn connect professionals on both sides of the aisle, enabling clients to pick from a plethora of talented performers of every language, accent and dialect under the sun.

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Two Heroes Collide – Legacy of Kain: Defiance Fan Session

This video was put together by my good friend Aydin, whom you see here as voicing Kain. It draws inspiration from the work of voice actors Simon Templeman and Michael Bell, as well as from the narrative of the Blood Omen and Soul Reaver game series.

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