Two Hearts, One Road | Soft-spoken Storytime | ASMR Boyfriend Roleplay

Take the road trip of a lifetime with your significant other in this intimate audio story. Experience the thrill of the open road and the beauty of nature as you drive down highways, hand in hand.

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5 Japanese Urban Legends But It’s All Written By AI

Explore Japanese folklore with this audio retelling of five of the country’s most well-known urban legends. From the devious Aka Manto to the seductive Jorogumo, these tales are sure to give you shivers and leave you wondering about the mysterious and unexplainable. With a mix of suspense, horror, and traditional Japanese culture, this collection of tales is for anyone interested in the darker side of storytelling.

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Comfort Storytime & Rain Ambience with ASMR Boyfriend | Sleep Relaxation

Let yourself be spirited away into an intimate story about love and devotion. A tale of two people who found each other and never let go. Join us as we delve into the memories and emotions shared between two soulmates.

Cuddle up and reminisce about a rainy evening once upon a time.

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Relaxing Train Ride | ASMR Storytime | Stress Relief

A short, intimate ASMR story featuring train ambience.

Take a journey with me as I reflect on a trip I took more than 13 years ago. Travelling cross-country by train, I was on my way back home for the summer holiday. Despite being packed into the hallway, I was in high spirits, fresh off my second-year exams and excited for a summer of peace and relaxation.

Along the way, I encountered a fellow student who seemed just as unbothered by the commotion as I was. We shared a peaceful ride together, taking in the beautiful scenery passing by the train window. Our silent companionship was a reminder of the beauty that surrounds us and the peace we can find within ourselves.

Join me as I recall this special moment and the reflection that took place on that train trip. Through the movement of the train, the changing landscape, and the shared moment with a stranger, may you too find a sense of peace and happiness that will always stay with you.

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Portfolio: The Bulgarian Forest – An ASMR short story

A dramatic read for the ASMR niche.

Get ready for a spine-chilling tale from Bulgarian folklore!

Discover the story of the Karakondjul, a legendary monster that haunts the countryside and preys on unsuspecting travellers.

This haunting story is a must-listen for fans of horror and supernatural legends. With its intense suspense, The Bulgarian Forest is sure to send shivers down your spine. So turn off the lights, put on your headphones, and heed a traveller’s words, as they share with you their story.

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