Certificate: Voice Acting 301 by Closing Credits

Me going into 12 weeks of Voice Acting 301…

Expectations: “Do this!”
Reality: “By doing this, could you gain insight into a reality different from your own?”


What a ride it has been!

So, what now?

What does one do with a wealth of practical and theoretical knowledge in their field of work?

“Shine that into the darker corners you have an influence on.” 🖐 – Brendan Hunter

Thank you for the reminder, Brendan. 😌

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Certificate: Voice Acting 201 by Closing Credits

Acting is living truthfully under imaginary circumstances.

Stanford Meisner

Over the past three months, I’ve had the opportunity to study under exceptional voice-over professionals.

For 12 weeks, Deb Munro’s Voice Acting 201 course had me strapped to an emotional rollercoaster – tearing up one minute and bursting at the seams with laughter the next!

I am humbled to have shared this time with phenomenal performers in the face of peers, who are as passionate about their craft as they are talented.

It has been a pleasure!

You can learn more about Closing Credits and how they can tickle your voice-over fancy at: https://www.closingcredits.com/

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Certificate: Voice Acting 101 by Closing Credits

You can’t go wrong with this one.

Whether you’re starting out, looking to dip your feet in the proverbial V.O. pond, brush up on the basics of articulation and projection, or just in search of peers to schmooze with, Closing Credits is the place to be.

Buford Taylor and the team over at Casting Call Club have done a great job offering value to the voice-over community. Wishing I’d signed up for their 6 and 12-week courses sooner is an understatement!

You can learn more about CC and what they can offer you at: https://www.closingcredits.com/

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Certificate: Advanced Voice-Over Techniques and Tips

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Great insight into the more… technical side of voice-overs. The course delivers on its promise of boosting efficiency and touches on the marketing and performance side of the trade. The recording techniques and shortcuts will definitely shave off some much-valued production time! Thank you, Peter!

Preview Peter Baker’s Udemy voice-over course here.

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