Hello there!

Welcome to the website of Voinov Voice Overs Ltd. – the service provider for your voice over needs.

About the “strictly business” part of the site:

DEMOS takes you to a few of Sycamore’s reels, where you can listen to cuts from previous projects, featuring yours truly, at your leisure.

REVIEWS will let you gauge what working together on a project might feel like. The page holds a collection of comments by clients whom Sycamore has lent a hand to.

SERVICES is your all-in-one stop for finding out what the VVO team can help you with.

CONTACT will provide you with a way to get in touch, ask questions and tell us more about your project.

The voice log:

An archive of personal rants about independent projects, collaborations, voice over tips, and lessons Sycamore has learned the hard way. Mr. Rockwell believes that a good piece of work can do your talking for you, which is why you won’t encounter any lengthy reads in this wing.

Enjoy your stay!

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