5 (more) character voices that every DM should have in their toolbox

In last week’s article, we covered 5 common character voices you can include in your Dungeons & Dragons sessions. Today, we’re taking a peek behind the DM screen for another 5 entries you can voice for your party’s delight.

The Wise Old Mentor

This character is a wise and experienced figure who acts as a guide and advisor to the players. They often have a calm and measured tone, and they speak in a way that conveys their wisdom and knowledge.

Example lines:
“The path to true understanding is through experience and reflection, not just knowledge.”
“In this world, there is always a solution to be found, if you are willing to look for it.”
“The true test of a hero is not in their victories, but in how they handle their defeats.”

The Sarcastic Sidekick

This character is the comic relief of the group and often provides a lighthearted and humorous contrast to the more serious characters. They have a sharp tongue and are not afraid to speak their mind, often with a hint of sarcasm.

Example lines:
“Well, this is just peachy. Stuck in a dungeon with a bunch of strangers and monsters. My dream come true.”
“Oh great, another dark and creepy cave. Just what I always wanted.”
“Well, if we’re going to die, at least we’ll die doing something exciting. Or maybe not, who knows.”

The Gruff Shopkeeper

“I got a long day, kid.”

This character runs a store or a shop in the game world and often deals with the players. They can be grumpy, impatient and may not be very friendly. They often speak in a rough and gruff tone.

Example lines:
“What do you want? I ain’t got all day.”
“You want to buy something or just stand there gawking?”
“I ain’t giving you no discounts. My prices are fair and you’ll take it or leave it.”

The Mysterious Stranger

This character is enigmatic and hard to read. They speak in a cryptic and sometimes riddlesome way, and it’s not always clear what their intentions are. They often have hidden agendas and secrets.

Example lines:
“The path to power is a treacherous one, with many pitfalls and dangers.”
“The truth is not always what it seems. Sometimes, it’s hidden in plain sight.”
“He who seeks the truth must be prepared to face the consequences of what they find.”

The Villainous Opponent

This character is the main antagonist of the adventure and is often the final boss. They have a powerful and imposing presence and they speak in a way that conveys their confidence and authority.

Example lines:
“I have been waiting for you, adventurers. Welcome to your doom.”
“You are no match for my power. Bow down before me and accept your fate.”
“You will never defeat me. I am the master of this world and all who dwell within it.”

And that’s a wrap!

Whether it’s a sturdy dwarf, a shifty rogue, or a sarcastic sidekick, each character will bring a unique personality and perspective to the game. Remember that as a dungeon master, your job is to create an exciting and engaging story for your players. A variety of character voices will help you to achieve that.

Stay inspired and look out for yourself.🖐😌

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