The YouTube Game – Quality vs Quantity

Have you ever entertained the idea of becoming a YouTube creator but have no clue where to begin? There are so many things to consider that the thought of starting can become overwhelming. Along with the usual questions – what will I post about? Do I need fancy equipment? What will my friends and family think? – there’s one question that leaves many divided; how many times a week should I post? 

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For us average Joe’s and Jane’s out there, the YouTube algorithm can seem like a mysterious force that operates in the shadows, allowing some creators to strike gold whilst others fade into obscurity. It’s no wonder then that some people dedicate their careers to unlocking it’s secrets. 

Thankfully, understanding how it all works isn’t as hard as it used to be, with plenty of resources now available to guide us in the right direction. Take the YouTube Creators Channel, for example, which is a channel run by fellow creator and YouTube employee Matt Koval. In an interview, Matt was asked to share what the ideal post rate for channels was, which he stated was at the same time once a week. His reasoning behind this was that it allows you adequate time to focus on the quality of your video production and content, whilst keeping you fresh in the mind of your audience.

Matt also mentioned that while this strategy is ideal for most creators, it’s important to factor in what would work best for your content and audience specifically. If your videos are aimed at professionals who are likely busy during the week, posting everyday will mean more content than they can consume. If, on the other hand, your content is targeted at a younger crowd with ample spare time, 3-7 times a week might be better for you.

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In the early days of your channel, posting as often as possible will allow you to learn from your mistakes and grow at a quicker pace. That said, if the idea of posting more than once a week scares you, don’t worry! Posting one high quality video a week is going to have a greater impact than 5 mediocre ones. Content creation and video production can be time consuming, and if you produce videos at a pace that you can’t maintain in the long run, you’re going to burn out and potentially stop posting altogether. Unless you decide to delete your videos later on, they will be accessible for years to come. Being a YouTuber is a marathon, not a sprint. 

Channels utilising voice-overs are becoming increasingly popular on YouTube as they don’t require the creator to show their face or worry about having the ideal video production set up. Some voice-over channels make use of custom animations to convey their message, while others create video and photo compilations to accompany the audio.

To get a better understanding of how the frequency of your posts can affect your growth on YouTube, below is a comparison of three channels in the education niche:

Comparison of voice-over educational channels on YouTube
What IfKurzgesagt – In A NutshellThe Infographics Show
Video stylePhoto & video compilationHigh quality animationHigh quality animation
Age of channel2 years7 years10 years
Lifetime Views631,192,0461,406,007,6773,160,271,762
Average views/year315,596,023200,858,239316,027,176
Subscribers5.28 million15.1 million9.98 million
Lifetime uploads590 videos140 videos2,547 videos
Average posts/week60.344.75 
Average posts/year29520255
Video length>5 mins>10 mins>10 mins
Estimated AdSense $*$3.16 million$7.03 million$15.8 million

*Based on the average AdSense earnings of $5000 per 1 million views. This figure can vary.

As can be seen in the table above, there is no “one size fits all” strategy for growth, and one person’s definition of success might differ from another’s. What If has only been posting videos for 2 years, yet in that time, has amassed half as many subscribers as The Infographics Show (TIS) has in 10 years. Kurzgesagt has the most subscribers out of all three channels which is impressive considering they have the least amount of videos. TIS has the most lifetime views, followed by Kurzgesagt and What If respectively, however, What If is just behind TIS in average yearly views. Whilst having a large number of subscribers gives you a bigger audience, for most people the true measure of success lies in the amount of money they made, and more views is one way to get there.

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The performance of these channels can be, for the most part, attributed to their high-quality educational content and engaging voice-over talent. If you’re interested in creating YouTube videos in a niche you’re passionate about, but video production is not your forte, check out Fiverr for scriptwriters, video editors, animators, and voice-over talent. Alternatively, if you prefer a more minimalistic approach to video creation consider using Wavve for your social feeds or podcasts! The video at the top of this page was made using exactly that.

For those of you playing the YouTube game, the question of Quality vs Quantity really does come down to what you believe is achievable for yourself in the long run. Changing up your strategy once you’ve established yourself is possible, but like most things in life, consistency is key. If you’re still unsure of where to begin, start with producing one video a week and spend the rest of your time honing your craft.

Happy YouTubing! (mm)

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