Legacy of Kain: Defiance – Dark Chronicle – Bulgarian Fandub – Part 7

New to the series? Not exactly sure what all this is about? Start with the Prologue!

Original English transcript:

Dark Chronicle – Mural: The Champion Of The Adversary Race
Upon entering the Air Forge, Raziel finds a mural.

Raziel V.O.:
These murals had suffered some damage. Once again I recognized the Vampires’ hero. But this scene revealed something new… For here they had also depicted his destined adversary, now partially obscured, who seemed to bear a flaming sword.

Dark Chronicle – Mural: The Fall Of The Vampire Hero
A short way into the Citadel, Kain finds a mural. It is to the left of the Oracle’s door.

Kain V.O.:
Here, no doubt, was the ‘evidence’ Moebius wished me to have… For the Vampires had prophesied not one, but two champions – one destined to be Nosgoth’s redeemer, the other its destroyer. The Vampires’ hero wielded the Reaver, forged for this very purpose. His opponent was clearly the champion of their adversaries – the Hylden – and brandished a flaming sword. The foretold outcome was unambiguous: the Vampire hero would fall.

Dark Chronicle – Mural: Raziel Recognizes The Adversary Hero
Upon entering the Water Forge, Raziel finds a mural.

Raziel V.O.:
Here the images were unadulterated, and their meaning ominously clear… The Vampire hero, the bearer of the Reaver blade, was confronted by an adversary worthy of his powers. The enemy race, long banished, had a champion of their own – with flaming eyes, and a fiery sword. The resemblance I bore to the adversary mocked all my hopes. Had Kain been the Vampire hero of prophecy all along? Did he suspect what I was? For if I was this foretold adversary, then Moebius was right, and had always been right – I was destined to fight Kain, and destroy him… or be destroyed. What part did free will play in any of this?…


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