Legacy of Kain: Defiance – Dark Chronicle – Bulgarian Fandub – Part 5

New to the series? Not exactly sure what all this is about? Start with the Prologue!

Original English transcript:

Dark Chronicle – Mural: The Blood Curse
Upon entering the Light Forge, Raziel finds another mural.

Raziel V.O.:
In their defeat, the Vampires’ enemy retaliated with a terrible curse – afflicting the Vampires with a bloodthirst that turned their once-noble race into ravenous predators. This curse plunged the Vampires into despair, and apparently drove many to madness and self annihilation. What was it that so devastated them that they were driven to suicide?

Dark Chronicle – Mural: The Forging Of The Reaver
Upon entering the Fire Forge, Raziel finds a mural.

Raziel V.O.:
I sought to unravel the mystery of my fate, and in this image lay my first clue. For this scene depicted the forging of the Reaver – the weapon destined to become my prison – and I recognized its maker. The years had changed him, but this was unmistakably the vampire Vorador – and in this era, he still lived. If I could reach him before Moebius’s mob hunted him down, he would provide the answers I sought.

Dark Chronicle – Mural: The Dark Gift Is Passed
Raziel examines a second mural, next to the first.

Raziel V.O.:
These images chronicled Vorador’s creation. As I already knew, he had not been born a vampire but had been turned by the infamous Janos Audron. But this mural suggested that Vorador’s origins were even more significant – apparently, he was the first human to whom the dark gift had been passed. This was the Vampires’ desperate bid to preserve their bloodline… for their enemies had cursed them not only with blood-thirst, but with sterility as well.


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