Legacy of Kain: Defiance – Dark Chronicle – Bulgarian Fandub – Part 4

New to the series? Not exactly sure what all this is about? Start with the Prologue!

Original English transcript:

Dark Chronicle – Mural: The Raising Of The Pillars
On the other side of the Warp Gate, in the Dark Forge, Raziel examines a mural, painted on the wall.

Raziel V.O.:
Throughout these ruins I found murals depicting the seminal events of Vampire history. These scenes commemorated a great war between the ancient Vampires and their rivals. In triumph, they banished their adversaries from the world, and raised the Pillars as the lock that binds them.

Dark Chronicle – Mural: The Vampires’ Prophesied Hero
Raziel looks at another mural, positioned close to the first.

Raziel V.O.:
The image of the Reaver was inscribed throughout this place, always depicted with reverence. The Vampires’ holy weapon was destined to be borne by the prophesied hero, for whom it was forged. But if this was my destiny, why had the Reaver tried to consume me?

Dark Chronicle – Mural: The Summoning Of The Guardians
A short way into the Dark Forge, Raziel finds a third mural.

Raziel V.O.:
This scene depicted the appointment of the original Vampire Guardians, each summoned to serve when the Pillars were raised. Each Guardian is aligned to the principle of the Pillar he serves, and the Balance Guardian is the axis of them all.


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