Legacy of Kain: Defiance – Dark Chronicle – Bulgarian Fandub – Part 3

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Original English transcript:

Dark Chronicle – Kain Settles The Score
Kain reaches the tower chamber. He listens at a door, then kicks it in, revealing Moebius – alone.

Here you are at last. I see you found a fragment of the Balance Emblem. This will be of even further use to you – if you can find the other three. Now, shall we…?


Kain seizes Moebius’s staff telekinetically – wrenching it out of his grasp – and hurls it across the room. He then takes hold of Moebius himself in the same way.

Let us continue our conversation –

Kain sharply pulls Moebius nearer, lifting him off the floor. The Time Streamer’s hood falls back, revealing his bald head.

But on a somewhat different footing. Now – what do you have to tell me, Moebius?

Suspended in the air, Moebius clutches at his throat, choked by Kain’s constricting TK grip.

You cannot kill me. We both know that this is not how – or when – I die.

Death is not the only possible outcome.

Kain tightens his telekinetic grip, making Moebius cry out.

Your delusions of fulfilling the Vampires’ foolish prophecies have badly distorted your judgement. And Raziel is not what you think.

You dare imagine what I think?

Kain throws Moebius into a wall. Moebius slides down it, and ends up on his knees.

So you prevented Raziel’s soul from entering the Reaver. Do you believe for a moment that by this you have averted your fate? Or his? Or that of Nosgoth itself? Your manipulations are pathetic.

Yet Raziel retains his free will. And that’s what frightens you, isn’t it, Moebius? You cannot see his path, and so you cannot control it.

And neither can you. Yes, Raziel is shrouded from us, but we see the ripples of his potential actions. And every path he might choose leads to the same outcome: he will kill you, Kain. In sparing Raziel, you have written your own death sentence.

You still have not answered the question I came to ask –
(Kain slams Moebius to the floor)
Where is Raziel?

He is not, in a true sense, here. Not now.

Kain: (threateningly)
Don’t try my patience, Moebius. What have you done with him?

Moebius gets to his feet slowly and stands with his back to Kain.

He is contained. In time, it may be safe to release him. His destiny must be completed –
(Moebius turns)
He will enter the sword. But until that time he is dangerous – far more dangerous than you could understand.

And your incontrovertible evidence?

The answers are plain if you know where to look. Go west of the Pillars – there you will find a testament written in stone.

Moebius vanishes.

Kain V.O.:
But stones, too, can lie.


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