Legacy of Kain: Defiance – Dark Chronicle – Bulgarian Fandub – Part 1

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Original English transcript:

Dark Chronicle – Moebius Gains The Upper Hand

Kain finds Moebius in the depths of an underground cavern. The Time Streamer has his back to Kain, and he is talking to a standing stone (marked with his infinity sigil), presumably conversing with the Elder God. Kain stalks forward cautiously, drawing the Reaver.

Yes… I understand… it will be done… the stage is set…

Moebius addresses Kain, slowly turning.

You needn’t linger in the shadows, Kain. It has been a long time. Hasn’t it?

Kain strides purposefully towards Moebius.

No banter, Moebius. You know why I’m here.

Yes… Raziel. You sought to introduce your own pawn into this game, and now he’s been swept from the board.

By your hand, I suspect. Where is he?

Perhaps you should ask “when”?
(Moebius laughs)
How humiliating it must be for you to come begging at my doorstep for answers.

Kain: (angrily)
Enough wordplay –

Moebius activates his staff, and Kain drops to his knees. He loses his grip on the Reaver, and clutches at his chest in agony.

Don’t threaten me, Kain – you see, I have the upper hand. How remarkable that the great Kain should succumb to the scepter’s power like any common vampire.

Kain makes a great effort and reaches toward the Reaver, but he fails to grasp it. Moebius perches himself on one knee in front of Kain, within easy reach, were it not for the staff.

Still so arrogant after all these years – thinking you’ve devised some brilliant plan. You know nothing. You have read the signs but missed their meaning. You believe you are that myth of Vampire prophecy – the Scion of Balance – and that Raziel holds the key to fulfilling your destiny.

Again, Kain tries for the Reaver. Again, he fails.

But your messianic delusions have blinded you to Raziel’s true nature.

Moebius stands.

You have no idea what you’ve unleashed. There was a time when you might have heeded wise counsel when it was offered. Now, your vanity has made you witless. You will have to learn the truth for yourself.

Insultingly, Moebius nudges the Reaver closer to Kain with his foot, demonstrating his control of the situation.

You will be needing this.

The Time Streamer turns and walks away.

Your strength will return after I have departed. But by then, you will have more urgent concerns than pursuing me.

Moebius pauses and half turns back to Kain.

Perhaps when we next meet, you will have learned a little humility.

The door seals behind Moebius. Kain, now recovering from the effects of the staff, rises slowly. Shades appear to confront him.

Kain V.O.:
These strange creatures seemed to manifest from the very shadows.


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