A character a day 30-day imitation challenge: Day 6 – Zeratul

Had to bring out the effects for this one. And I’ve got Glennhofman to thank for that.

In his step-by-step Zealot Audacity tutorial, Glen covers the sequence of effects one needs to apply to their track, in order to achieve a wicked Protoss sound.


I found that, for me, setting the second track’s Decay value (see tutorial) to 0.06, gives the final mix more echo than I need. I brought the value down to 0.05 and rolled with that. However, this is a personal preference of mine, based on which value sounded better, for this particular segment. Feel free to experiment with the numbers.

Day 6 – Zeratul (Fred Tatasciore) – StarCraft II

Image source: StarCraft Wiki

What effects do you use to recreate a Firstborn’s voice? Leave your comments below.

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