A character a day 30-day imitation challenge: Day 4 – Turel

Today’s entry contains major plot spoilers. Proceed with caution.


Back to the LoK franchise for a take on Turel – a deformed sibling of Raziel’s.

…Turel participated in the execution of Raziel, and succeeded Raziel as Kain’s second-in-command… Turel was, in fact, the dark god of the Hash’ak’gik cult, summoned backwards through time to serve as a vessel for Hylden possession.

Legacy of Kain Wiki

In “LoK: Defiance”, Raziel encounters Turel as a misshapen, blind monstrosity. The exchange that follows between the two “brothers” is one of the game’s most chilling pieces of dialogue.

Day 4 – Turel (Gregg Berger) – “Legacy of Kain: Defiance”

Image credit to Splurch2006.

Where does Raziel’s encounter with Turel rank in your personal Legacy of Kain / Soul Reaver favorites? If you had to make a Top 5 list of the best in-game conversations, would the Avernus Catacombs Reunion make the cut? Leave your comments below.

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