“Sexy aliens and free stories”. These past 24 hours couldn’t have been any better

Two things marked this June 14th as a day worth noting:

  1. I’ve changed my mind about YouTube ads after stumbling across 30 Seconds to Mars’s official music video for their single “Rescue me” thanks to one.
  2. The teaser for Glass Houses was released!

Sorry FIFA.

So, how is it that an alternative rock band and a motion comic title you’ve never heard of before trump the World Cup?

In the case of 30STM, it was all about timing. “Rescue me” just happened to hit at the right moment for me. As far as Glass Houses is concerned… Well, this is where a bit of background is in order.

Whilst living in China, I was fortunate enough to come in contact with quite a few talented artists. From independent singers, low-key stand-up pros, and like-minded mic abusers, to amazing graphic designers and prolific writers. Among these people was the mind behind the Glass Houses novel – Charli Corri.

glass houses blog header2

Charli is, hands down, one of the most diverse creatives out there. The narrative AND the score for the motion comic are both tailored by Miss Corri herself. And just in case being able to churn out such mind-blowing, chill-inspiring content isn’t impressive enough in itself, Charli also dabbles in DIY & carpentry. Although, “dabbles” may not be the best word choice. I dabble in writing, hence the results are usually mediocre posts, which are rarely as funny as they sound in my head. When Charli is bored, she puts together steampunk lamps on bad days and 4-poster beds on good ones. Jeezus! 0_o

As for the narrative itself, Glass Houses is, as the author aptly puts it:

“… a story seeking to explore the meanings of human existence, the complexities of self-development and our abstract feelings of belonging.”

Oh, and there’s that part where hostile aliens take over the planet using telepathy and a creeping glass-like substance, which can mess-up entire cities. So yeah, there’s a bit in it for everyone. You can find the first few unabridged chapters of Glass Houses at this address.

PEI Comics sure took their sweet time with this one, but oh my, was it not worth it? Stir up a discussion in the YouTube comment section, or drop a line under this post and share your thoughts on the artwork.

Having read the story well before the first sketch was released, I must say that the way in which the illustrators have translated text into imagery is absolutely B-E-A-utiful!

Getting a spot on the v.o. cast was an unreal experience for me. Not only was it completely unexpected, but it also served as a bonding agent for the community I was living in at the time. We recorded the teaser and parts of Chapter 1 locally, in a home studio the size of a glove-box. Call it a fast-track-get-to-know-each-other-up-close-and-personal kind of set-up. The spoofs and outtakes of that session had us in stitches for weeks!

I’d like to take a moment here to give credit where credit is due and thank Charli, the illustrators, and the rest of the cast for making this project an unforgettable experience! Looking forward to the next chapter!

If you enjoyed the teaser and want to stay up to date with new releases, head over and subscribe to the Glass Houses official YouTube channel. And while you’re there, send a shout out to Charli Corri. Good things are coming.

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