Hello and welcome!

I’m Sycamore Rockwell – a working VO talent with a neutral, easy-to-understand British accent and three years of professional experience in the industry.

My credits include John Deere, MetLife, Vivre Deco, as well as commercial and narration work for other busisnesses and individual clients.

I can offer you:
– high-quality, broadcast-ready voice overs for your project in English and/or Bulgarian
– unique recordings with a prompt turnaround
– crystal clear communication from start to finish

I produce all of my work from within an acoustically treated home studio, equipped with a broadcast-quality XLR microphone and a dedicated audio interface.

You’ll receive a crisp final product in the form of high-quality .wav and/or .mp3 files free of background noise, mouth clicks, and distracting breaths.

Be sure to check out the videos on this page for samples of my work.

Get in touch today, and let us tell the world the next great story of tomorrow – your story.